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Check it! “Mama” :: new song from the Colored Girls Hustle mixtape released in time for Mother’s Day! Celebrating the people who have mothered us, alla the mamas in the world and the moms we wanna be. 

Featuring Taja Lindley, founder Colored Girls Hustle, and Audrey Hailes, dancer/artist/vocalist and all around talent. Original lyrics on “You’re All I Need” Method Man & Mary J. Blige instrumental. Share with alla the mamas you know! Lets celebrate mothers EVERYDAY.


Sing along!

Mamas plant the seed for who we be

1st Verse:
When I arrived it was 1985
Single Black mother struggling to survive
Working hard, round the clock, 365
Nights shifts, two jobs, just to get by

Raised me on her own — it wasn’t easy
I was outspoken, no respect for authority
Put me on punishment, I was mad sneaky
Watching TV
Talking shit, she couldn’t hear me
Even though we fight, we’re so alike:
Sun sign, unrefined, worrisome, OCD

She don’t easily accept defeat
Went hungry so I could eat
The truth wasn’t sanitized
Mom in raw form, no disguise
No such thing as discreet 
Knowing everything makes childhood bittersweet

Not the best cook — always made frozen veggies
Packed my lunch. Couldn’t stand peanut butter jelly
At an early age, second grade
She schooled me
Sex education, pregnancy, STDs

Mama taught me how to be resilient
Lessons ain’t over, we still learning
The past needs closure, healing is deserving


2nd Verse:
Everyday we giving thanks for mamas giving birth
Shaping life coming in this world headfirst
Doula of my dreams, mother-daughter team
God is a woman, center of the universe

Pregnant or parenting
They be shaping history
Cesarean, adoption, vaginal deliveries
Young, old, adult teen, something in-between
Single, dating, partnered, divorced or married
Grandmamas, aunties, and nannies
Transgender mommies
Queer led families
From margin to center, any race or gender
We celebrate every mother in our communities

Don’t get it twisted, she ain’t perfect
Human too, worthy of praise and worship
For her grind, contradictions and mistakes
Round like the Earth, she’s the core — gravitate

When I was a little girl
Taught me the whole wide world
And it was plain to see 
She was my destiny
With her I’d spend my time
I’d emulate my life
She sacrificed for me
Dedicated life to me

Verse 3
Mamas are hustlers, making hard choices
Buying food, paying bills with few resources
Pregnant moms are having babies, having abortions
Speaking truth to power with fists and raised voices

Head held high, Queen with a crown, 
She’s the truth — no lie, holds us down
For whatever, whenever, Family forever
Love is the glue, holds us together

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