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“On Her Hustle” is a monthly series of interviews with women of color artists, entrepreneurs, healers and activists who hustle hard for our communities. Colored Girls Hustle uses this series to amplify the work, talent, and passions of other women and girls of color. Click here to read more about our series and to nominate someone to be interviewed.

We’re heating things up this month in our February “On Her Hustle” interview with Arielle Loren: founder and Editor-in-Chief of CORSET, the “go-to magazine of all things sexuality” and an entrepreneurial freedom teacher at Portable Incomes. Read her full interview below to see how she hustles hard for sexual and economic freedom.


Colored Girls Hustle: How did you discover your passion for sex and sexuality?

Arielle: I always loved sex from the first time I did it, and had been curious about it long before then. However, I definitely didn’t think it’d be such a large part of my career as an empowering entrepreneur and writer. It kind of fell into my lap between falling in love with interesting men, living in New York City, and my coursework at NYU.


Colored Girls Hustle: Why start Corset Magazine? Why not continue to do free-lance writing about sex and sexuality?

Arielle: I am an expansive thinker, and starting a sexuality magazine was an extension of my brand as a freelance sexuality writer. I created a platform for more voices to be heard and I curate content that sexually empowers people from various walks of life. The majority of Corset’s content is community-sourced, meaning our readers are our writers and their stories are valued.


Colored Girls Hustle: Tell us a bit about your hustle philosophy: What does the word “hustle” mean to you and how does it apply to your lifestyle and professional practice?

Arielle: Hustling is a daily practice of ambition. For me, hustling is doing. So I work to really focus on a few of my business ideas, and gradually bring them to life. So far I have three functioning businesses (I define a functioning business as one that makes money). I hope to make that five by the end of this year.


Colored Girls Hustle: Use three verbs to describe yourself.

Arielle: Inspiring. Kind. Intuitive.

Colored Girls Hustle: You lead a “non-traditional” lifestyle in that you don’t work a 9-to-5 job. What does a typical day look like for you? And what do you enjoy most about the way you live and work?

Arielle: I wake up early. Meditate/pray. Check my email. Start working. Eat. Work some more. Go to the beach or out somewhere. Comeback and work some more. Meditate/pray. Hit the bed.


That’s my typical schedule, but I change it when I please. I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur. My freedom can’t be bought, which is why I don’t work in the 9-5 world.


Colored Girls Hustle: What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs who are interested in having a career and business that allows them to travel or is not location-specific?

Arielle: I created an online business course called Portable Incomes for entrepreneurs, aspiring and veterans, to strengthen their businesses and create incomes that can fund their travels across the world. I’m really big on not being tied to an office or specific location, regardless of whether or not you’re in a 9-5 job or have a brick and mortar business. Entrepreneurship means freedom to me, so I’m giving business owners the tips and tricks to make them far more money and have steady streams of income flowing into their account regardless of location. I made a lot of mistakes setting up my three functioning businesses, so I’m fast-tracking my students by sharing all the secrets to my financial success.


Colored Girls Hustle: What are some of the major risks you have taken to pursue your passions? How did you overcome fear and doubt?

Arielle: Financial stability was a big risk, but again, I was clear that my freedom couldn’t be bought and meant more to me than financial stability. That’s a bold statement, but it’s how I feel and live. Being clear about that is what put fear and doubt behind me, and it’s why I get to live on the beach in a 2500 sq ft oceanfront condo, dance salsa, go to yoga, hit the spa, or call a masseuse to my patio whenever I want. You have to be clear. As Will Smith says, we make things complicated. Life is really simple. Set your principles and be willing to die for them. That level of determination is what manifests dreams into reality.


Colored Girls Hustle: How would you connect a good sex life and expression of sexuality with your hustle (or anyone’s hustle)?

Arielle: Good sex and intimacy make me more productive. But more than that, I’m very much in my sensuality as I work. I rarely have clothes on. I’m always meditating and listening to my body for guidance on my business decisions. And I recognize the mind-clearing power of orgasms. So my love life, sensuality, and sexuality all feed my businesses in really positive ways. I have no intention to ever do business without them.


Colored Girls Hustle: Many of us discover new projects and businesses as we’re working on other things. How has your vision and career path changed over time?

Arielle: I would say my career path is always evolving. My purpose has stayed pretty consistent, to live authentically as me and inspire. I’m an entrepreneurial artist, so sometimes my purpose manifests through writing, putting together a beautiful magazine, coaching women entrepreneurs, helping people travel, or whatever. At the end of the day, I’m still me, and that’s my business.


Colored Girls Hustle: Living abroad near the beach must be fun! How do you manage your time and find the balance between work and play?

Arielle: I just do what I feel. Some days I need to hibernate, stay in the house, and work a lot. Other days, I won’t even open my computer, and I’ll take a digital sabbatical. I’m pretty tapped into my intuition, so I know when I need to do more work or if I need more time to play. So I just call it like I see it!


Arielle Loren is a sexuality thought leader, writer, and filmmaker who is dedicating her career to empowering dialogue about sex. Her work has been featured and praised by The Huffington Post, NPR, Jezebel, NBC News (The Grio), BET, EBONY, The Root, and Clutch Magazine. She has directed and produced a media-acclaimed documentary, Bideology, about women dating bisexual men. A graduate of New York University, Arielle is the founder of CORSET Magazine and serves as the company’s CEO and magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. She leads CORSET’s international community of readers on their journeys to sexual empowerment. You can follow Arielle on Facebook and twitter. Follow CORSET Magazine on Facebook and twitter.