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Colored Girls Hustle believes that the “hustle” is bigger than a job or occupation. It’s our calling, our passion, our talent, what we do with integrity and courage, a way of living. Hustle is the vehicle we create to reach our goals, a plan of action. Hustlers are enterprising, resilient and visionary people who possess the initiative, courage and imagination to manifest our greatest potential. Hustlers manifest the best of who we are and inspire others to do the same.

Launched October 2012, “On Her Hustle” is a series of interviews with women of color artists, entrepreneurs, healers and activists who hustle hard for our communities. Colored Girls Hustles uses this series to amplify the work, talent, and passions of other women and girls of color. 

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Alexis Pauline Gumbs is a queer Black troublemaker, a Black feminist love evangelist, doula and scholar. Read her full interview to learn more about how she’s hustling hard for her community through poetry, scholarship, Black feminism and so much more.

Aiesha Turman is a scholar, mother, and the Executive Director of the Black Girl Project. Read her full interview to learn more about how she hustles hard for Black women and girls.

Sonia Guinansaca, a NY-based artist and activist who is undocumented, unapologetic and unafraid. She’s a poet and active board member of  the New York State Youth Leadership Council.  Read her full interview to learn more about how she hustles hard for undocumented youth and families.

Katina Parkerfilmmaker, photographer, writer, and communications specialist. Read her full interview to learn about how she hustles hard to ensure that images are created to accurately reflect who we are.

Tanya Fields, fierce mama of four and the founder and Executive Director of the BLK Projek. Read her full interview to learn how she hustles hard for food access, economic justice, and herself.


For women’s history month 2013 we are featuring Kathleen Adams, the co-founder of an amazing women-centered and empowering space: Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen. Read her full interview to learn about how she uses hip-hop and reproductive justice to hustle hard for women and girls.

Arielle Loren, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of CORSET, the “go-to magazine of all things sexuality” and an entrepreneurial freedom teacher at Portable Incomes. Read her full interview to see how she hustle’s hard for sexual and economic freedom.


Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, co-creators and stars of their self-made cooking show Food Heaven Made Easy. They use their web-based, monthly programming to help New Yorkers eat well on a budget. Read their full interview to see what inspires their hustle for health and wellness.


Jasmine Burems is a Bed-Stuy based entrepreneur, herbalist, doula and the founder of HONEY & GOLD, an organic women’s wellness beverage and bodycare company. Read her full interview on our blog.